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Need a financial crash course for teens? Then, our Financial Bootcamp is just what you’re looking for! This intense introductory course delivers comprehensive lessons in an afternoon chat fashion rather than a serious lecture hall setting, making learning a fun and engaging experience. Below are just some of the topics covered in the course.

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Psychology of Spending

Understanding and overcoming spending triggers can help you maintain a budget and create healthier spending habits.

Benefits of Good Credit

Financial success is more than money in the bank – but also how well your credit is managed. Maintaining good credit is a money saver and offers better opportunities.

Future Planning

Planning for the future can help keeps you on track to reach your goals. It can also better position you for life’s unexpected events

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What Our Students Say

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for creating such a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand course for this program. I am a history major, so many understanding of finance is somewhat limited. Completing your course before the internship gave me the ability to adequately participate and the confidence to ask more questions during the financial workshop. I have had a great experience so far and have developed a real interest in pursuing a career in finance. The slides and pdfs attached to each topic have been an amazing reference point!

Emily N

I can’t believe I had so much fun learning about the market! And I couldn’t believe the wealth of information Teach me Like A Tot provides – from foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, risk management, and cryptocurrency, to name just a few of the topics discussed. the course also gives you the dos and don’ts on trading and investing and so many tips on how to be successful an mitigate loss. And its creative use of animation and stories simplifies colpmicated information and industry jargon. It was not only enlightening but also entertaining. Even the quizzes are fun! It was not only enlightening but also entertaining. Even the quizzes are fun! Teach me like a Tot is a one-stop shop!

– Dee